State of the Elastic Mind

Nuqat's 2019 Regional Conference

Nuqat’s 2019 conference was a celebration of the 10 years anniversary and a culmination of a three-year research tour to understand and assess the state of the Creative Economy in the Middle East. The theme and content identified the need to establish a new mindset to solve the existing problems.
Titled a ‘State of the Elastic Mind - a new mindset for old barriers’ the brief was to reflect the title in a bilingual visual able to adapt to the conference’s 10 days of talks, workshops, cultural events, and exhibitions, and its application would be on various print and digital collaterals.

Work completed at Raw Design Studio.

The title of the conference and nature of the connected Arabic script provided room for experimentation with Arabic Typography to reflect a striking bilingual visual identity.
The Arabic title was custom lettered as a literal translation of the elastictheme, with the challenge of creating a 3D-rubbery look using 2D media, while maintaining clear legibility.
A rigid monospace Latin font was chosen to balance the flowy Arabic title, and highlight the concept of breaking barriers. An outline 2D version of the Arabic title was created to be used in print media.