Raw Studio Rebranding

Raw Design Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio in Kuwait, with a team of true believers in the power of design, good design and its positive impact in changing the behavior of people in a corporate environment, at the friendly coffeeshop, on the busy street, or even at their homes.
A brand refresh was done to celebrate a decade of creative work. For the 10th anniversary, Raw Design's logo got a sharp new look. A playful logotype that reflects the energy of the team and studio was designed, aiming to reflect the experimental creative process followed at the studio to transform the client's Raw ideas into Real results.

Work completed at Raw Design Studio Kuwait, 2019.

Design Lead: Samer Bou Saleh.
Branding: Reem Al Ayoubi.

An abstracted Arabic 'Raw' was added as a subliminal nod to the original Arabic logotype of the studio and the majority of Arabic design projects handled by the studio.
In addition to being a dynamic graphic with the ability of changing its position and working as a stand-alone element when needed.