The Seventh Sense
Powering the Creative Economy

Nuqat's 7th Annual Conference in Kuwait

Nuqat Conference is an annual event that invites regional and international thought leaders to participate in a curated forum of talks, panel discussions, workshops and cultural events that are open to the public.

In its 7th edition, The 8-day conference explored the theme of the 7th Sense, "the mechanism of the human mind that produces new ideas” and how this potential can be developed to fuel more innovation in the Arab industries, thus powering the creative economy.

The visual identity was created around the number 7 for the 7th edition of the conference, and 'The Seventh Sense' theme. The Arabic 7 (Hindi Digit) morphs organically into the Latin 7 (Arabic digit) as an indication to the conference's bilingual content attracting international and local speakers and attendees alike.

7 different color variations of the visuals were produced and used on the different collaterals.
Work Completed at Raw Design Studio.

Video by Busstop