Fields of Power

By Lauren Morsley and Samer Bou Saleh 

A collaborative mural on women empowerment and environmental awareness. In partnership with Art of Change, Beirut Digital District & Open/Close Dundee; Supported by Tinol Paints & Latourba.

Fields of Power sits at the heart of BDD-Beirut Digital District’s outdoor amphitheatre. A symbol of friendship, and cultural and creative exchange between Lebanon and the UK, the mural marks a fruitful collaboration between British Council Lebanon, Art of Change, Open/Close Dundee and BDD.

Fields of Power reflects on the power of urban street art in affecting our urban imaginations and experiences while bringing to the public realm challenging questions.

Fields of Power tackles two themes that bear local relevance and global impact: Environmental Awareness and Women Empowerment. When expressed through artistic means, these subjects have the potential to forward our notions of equality, diversity and inclusion and reinforce the community-like quality that all the partners adhere to.